Gail Tustin

Operations Manager

(707) 253-1195

Gail TustinGail was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. At age 17, she began working in the offices of the City of Long Beach and within the first 3 months was promoted to working with the head of the department – a very coveted position at the time. After working in various offices over the next 6 years she wanted to make a major change in her life. So in 1985 Gail moved to San Francisco with her then 1-year-old daughter, Erica, to take a job with Bank of America. This was the start of her career in the financial industry. She received an opportunity to work for a small boutique brokerage firm, Sutro & Co., and at that point realized that working in financial services was where she wanted to be. Math has always been a strong subject for her and it provided a strong base for the industry. Gail moved from the stockbrokerage business to working with money managers and instead of assisting stockbrokers she started assisting clients, something that brought her a lot of joy and a great fit for her personality. In 1996 Gail was working with a money manager who decided to retire and close his office, so she took a leap of faith and started her own consultant business. This decision opened the door to building relationships throughout the financial services industry and strengthened her client relationships. This became the foundation to her consultant business and she carries this through to her work at Kuhlmann Associates Financial (KAF).

Gail welcomed a son, Alexander, in 2001 and they currently live in Petaluma where he attends school. Her daughter has grown into a remarkable woman who is married and lives in the East Bay. Recently Gail became a grandmother and her children and grandchildren are a huge part of her many blessings. When she’s not working in the office she takes bike rides with her son, spends time visiting her daughter and son-in-law, playing with her grandchildren, watching movies (old and new) and listening to music — whether it is at home or at a live event. Her latest goals are to spend time kayaking on the Petaluma River and to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

Customer Service is one of the most important aspects of her role at KAF. Gail’s 30 years of financial experience is an asset to guiding each KAF client through the account process and she feels that each client is an extension of family and welcomes the opportunity to assist each and every one.